BlockInsureME Blockchain based Extended Warranty and Bonuscard

Q: Is this an insurance ?
A: Nope it is just an warranty extension for now. We plan to found a Universal insurance for all type of problem including Healthcare later.

Q: How do you cover costs?
A: As manufacturer and Dealer we habe always to calculate the risk of defective part and or whole device and need to offer a warranty by law as we are located in germany. As Dealer and Manufacturer you can offer an extended warranty based on your own data and calculation, so you ask for a some to cover possible costs.

Q: What happens with staking rewards on the card
A: These are collected if they happen and raise your Fund for possible fixing / replacements.

Q: Who are partners?
A: We are not an Insurance, so we are limited to in-house services like and others. If you plan to buy stuff from us, then this may be worth it.

Q: Do you cover always the original price at purchase date?
A: We cover always the fair value of the product at current time as long you fund are sufficient.