BlockInsureME Blockchain based Extended Warranty and Bonuscard

BlockInsureME is a Bonuscard for Customers of our Services and the entire Partnernetwork. With BlockInsureME you automatically get extended Warranties on your purchases on websites as like (only verified Vendors as like ARES Computer),,,, and more.

On top you earn cashback in form of TELOS coins when you buy from Partner shops. The cash back is used to protect your purchased goods a whole life long. The more you collect, the more expensive goods are protected against failing.

One card protects all purchases as long the Balance of your card is sufficient to pay for the exchange or fixing of the product. The card inlcudes a QR code on wich you could pay TELOS to fill it in order to cover exchanges or fixing costs just in the moment of Disaster.

Let's do some math

Lets say you buy the Basic Card for 55000 TELOS than you get a Warranty extension for any product with a value of of up to 750€. The TELOS address on the Card is your Backup fund. every purchase you do at partners adds more TELOS to your CARD Balance to cover more expensive Products you have purchased from any cooperating partner.

The basic card has an warranty multiplier of 5. This means if your card holds 50000TELOS, it covers replacements of 50K TELOS x 5 = 250K TELOS.
This translates (as of today 23rd of March 2019) to 750€
Attention! The max. warranty extension period for products purchases at partners is always based on the remaining funds. If your card balance is below the required costs for exchanging (old vs new) or fixing the device, than the product is not covered. In that case you can add missing TELOS to fill the gap on demand.

The Benefits of owning a card is that you can earn cash back to fill the "Repair + Replacement" Fund and get discounts at the same time.

In the case of the Bluebox we cover also Offt-ime cause by defective Hardware. So while the devices rendered useless due to a technical fault, BlockInsureMe will cover the loss in rewards as well using at first the funds on your card and after that by using .

Different type of cards:
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